DownLoad Times For Different File Sizes

I have put this here in the hope that you can see how all the banners and pictures, and background pictures, as well as the text in the file can and does add up quickly, and people do not have the patience to wait five minutes for a page to load. It is a common mistake when you first start making web pages, I did it. What is important is that you may learn something here and break up your web pages, plus keep the animations down to a few a page. A few here and there can enhance the written word. But notice I said a few.

Add up everything that you plan to have on your web page before you enter the amount, in KB or MB. I suggest you get out your pen and paper. It will add up before you know it. Also, and this is important, get the file size of the document. To get the file size of just about any file on your computer just right click on it, then select properties. Do not put down file size on disk but the actual file size, the reason for the two different sizes in not in the scope of this discussion.

Remember that not everyone has DSL or Cable and the majority of people still have the old fashion modem. I know I do. I am in just a bad spot and both the phone company and the cable company are going to get around to it, I have heard that for two years now, so you see that quit a few of us, some within Cities, and some in rural districts, can not be able to use high speed connections, even if we wanted to.

So I try to keep my total page file size down, although that is impossible when showing you the animations/banners, etc.

I will add up the total amount on my second page and we will see:

Total for my second page = 61.934KB

File Size?
It will take you ....
If your modem is a .... Hours Minutes Seconds
9.6 Kb
14.4 Kb
28.8 Kb
56 Kb
ISDN (64 Kb)
ISDN (128 Kb)
Under Ideal Conditions To DownLoad

Notice that my page size is only 62K and with a 28.8 modem it still takes about 17 seconds to load the page! And I have tried hard not make my pages very big, I realize that sometimes you have to balance content with file size, and 62K total file size for a page is not big at all!!!