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speakerspeakerWe have Icons, icons for Vista, icons for Windows 7, and icon for XP. No tricks or gimmicks to get you to download something and then charge you for registering them, etc. I made the way you download the icons one at a time. This site is not for professionals, just people looking for some cool icons for the desktop or their web site. Speaking of web sites, I made the default size 48 X 48 pixels for just png's, however, if you use them in a web page you can change the size that is displayed, say width = "20", height = "20" in the code as I made the file size as small as I could. Also PNG format, in my opinion, looks so much better than the gif or jpg format. I hope tha some day we can make animated pngs. Also, I will always try to help you find what you are looking for (really, and no charge), if you email me. I really believe what goes around, comes around, and honesty is always the best policy.
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Here you will find all kinds of free graphics, free icons, gif's, jpg banners, JavaScript's, and a Christian section. There is also an HTML/CSS Forum.

This site is completely free, really, no tricks, or false/misleading statements about being free. Oh how I hate those sites that tell you that to, say, to analyze you computer is free, but then leave off that to fix the problem you will have to register it for X amount of money!

If you would like to link to this site, you certainly may, either with or without using one of my graphics at: (Instructions and Banners) banner page. If you have a Web Site and would like a reciprocal link back, please email me HERE.

There are plenty of non-Christian items here for you. We do have a Christian section for those of you so inclined and are looking for Christian graphics, and some animations in that theme also.

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If you send me an email about anything, there will be a link at the end that you can download hundreds of great looking images in png format!

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