Bonsai.gif Bonsai (say: bone-sigh) has been around for about two thousand years. Contrary to popular belief it came from China, not Japan--although the Japanese have done much to promote and develop this ancient hobby.


bonsai2icon.jpgThere is no such thing as a bonsai tree (the word bonsai means 'tray-planted'), any woody tree can be 'bonsaied'. Some people even use plants like jade in this dynamic art form.


bonsai8icon.jpgThe wire used on our elfin friends does not stunt them. The wire is used to shape the tree and is taken off as soon as possible. It is through pruning and restricting rootgrowth (to a degree) that the process of dwarfing occurs.


CHRIS-BONSAI.GIFI have been 'into' this hobby for about ten years now but I only have material 'in training' for two years or less. If you look around my site you can probably figure out why this is so. I know there are no masterpieces here but maybe someday.... My plans are to continue to update these pictures around the spring of 1999 and to include some of my other babies (when I get a decent camera).

Here are some thumbnails of a few of my bonsai:

(click on an image for a better view!)

bonsai2.jpg bonsai6.jpg bonsai5.jpg


In memory of Norm Nelson: a kind and gentle Bonsai Master


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