Online Pop-Up-Coder

Enter the url of the page you want to pop-up,
click the desired settings and press the Check Popup-button.

Play with the settings until the
window pops-up exactly as you want it to.

Once you are content with the pop-up-window
you can copy and paste the code to your own page.

Page To Open In New Window
New Window Settings
toolbar = yes| no
location = yes | no
directories = yes | no
status = yes | no
menubar = yes | no
scrollbars = yes | no
resizable = yes | no
width =
height = 
top = 
left = 

This is the code generated from the above test:

The code should be pasted into the <a href> tag of the link
you want to trigger the popupwindow. In the example we named
the window "New Window". If you have more than one popup-window
on the same page you need to rename the window names. Use for
example "New Window1", "New Window2" etc.

I got the idea and the basic script from a VERY good Web Site
on information and examples of JavaScripts and Java applets, etc. www.EchoEcho.Com

Just Close This Window To Get Back To The Last Page.

This document was last modified Thursday, October 21, 2021