Please Note: This Program Is For Windows Systems Only


Bible Quotes

This program will display one of sixty two bible quotes depending on the month and day it is when you start your computer. It will stay on your screen for approximately 30 seconds and then completly self close until the next time you start your computer. All you need to do is download the program, unzip, then follow the directions. After you install the program it will automatically run each time you start your computer. If you wish, you may uninstall this program through Add/Remove Programs located within the Control Panel folder.

Now, about the price: it is free (really), no nags, no time limit, no--you must do this or, you must do that! I need feedback to improve the program in future releases, so please send me your comments.

  1. This is IMPORTANT, if you have a copy of Bible Quotes, uninstall it first through Add/Remove programs located in your control panel folder BEFORE you install this version. This version, (the latest) was created on 02/02/2001.
  2. CLICK HERE to download the setup program WITH the Visual Basic Run Time Libraries. This is complete, and if I am confusing you with all of the options, then download this one. Be sure to read the ReadMe-First.txt
  3. CLICK HERE to download the setup program minus the Visual Basic Run Time Libraries. This applies if you have the latest Visual Basic run time libraries installed on your computer, but do not have a copy of Bible Quotes.
  4. If you know enough about Windows to make a shortcut to a program and place the shortcut in your start up folder then you can down load just the BibleQuotes.exe without the setup.exe and cab files etc.. Just CLICK HERE to down load ONLY BibleQuotes.exe. You need the Visual Basic Run time libraries and I am presuming you know what I am talking about here, so only down load this IF you are Windows Savvy and you do not want to install the program the usual way!
  5. Get the Visual Basic Run time libraries HERE
  6. If you have a favorite bible passage, please send it to My Form, just add Favorite Quote in the message and it will be considered for inclusion in the next version.
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